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Friday, July 31, 2009

~My Physics Course~

A nEw FriDaY ~ AnD So ExCiTeD AgAiN 2 Go BaCk To PeeJaY~ (My PlaCe)
buT b4 tHaT HavE 2 Pass MaNy HoUrS oF soMe BoriNgNess and SoMe FuNss ~ =)

~A SimPLe DaY yEt a Fun and TiRiNg Day~

1. MorNing wEnT to LAB BRIEFING iN the DarK RooM ~

-This is my coursemates, but some is missing coz they were absent ~ =/

2. WenT tO CoMputEr LaB ~

-after the lab briefing, we have computational physics class, and this is our class, so empty yet is fun but sometimes boring ~ hahaha .. = =

3. WeNt 2 KLCC ~ TRAFFIC JAM !!!

-traffic is so bad because of PC fair!! we went there awhile then go back home dyy ~

So jam, so we camwhore in the car .. pretending the boringness of jam ! xD

Done .. there is Terence showing his tiredness of traffic jamming all the way to KL Sentral ~ xD

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