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Thursday, March 22, 2012

To all guys =)

Hello boys or guys and my friends,
I would like to share to everyone,
If you truly found the one you love so much,
the one you cherish so much,
the one you would not bored of,
the one that your heart says,
Yes, this is the only one.

Please do not hurt her,
Please protect her,
and never ever do any stupid things,
or anything that could destroy the trust,
Please put her as your important person.
Please let her be the one you would only,
flirt with, date with, look at it, and everything..

I had made a mistake,
and i had changed and stop,
I know doing bad things behind her is not right,
although i am chasing her,
I regret a lot for doing this..
So hard to get her,
and just a blink,
It is destroyed between the trust.

When she says is over,
I felt my worst in my life,
because i had never love a person so much like her before,
So hard to get her opened fully up to me,
And trust me totally,
yet, my mistake destroy this relationship,

In my life, i had never cried so much like this time before,
Go anywhere, her shadow appear every where,
and i cried everywhere ...
I tried to make it up.. so hard
at last she says ok, and give me once last chance,

but i know it is hard to be normal again,
so i will still never give up,
to rebuild this relationship between us,
I love her so much
I made her believe in love,
And her first boyfriend,
first kiss, first hand hold, first hug
is from me.

If we became back to normal again,
I will always the guy she would trust and love =)

Friends, please Cherish your love ones..

Please don't do the mistake i had done,
it hurts the other half and also yourself,

I will keep fighting, never give up =')
to be a better man for her

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